Mighty-Pissed-OffWell where to start?  I’m a dad.  I think we probably covered that part in the blog title and description.  I like movies, and shitty food and these are my ramblings.  My ramblings will from time to time be interrupted with a short creative writing bit that I may or may not have written myself.  If I did not write it I will give credit to the person who did with all proper links back to where I found it.  That being said I have been planning on writing a short story, or maybe a little book…or possibly a long book for a while.  I have really never had the motivation to just start doing it.  But now I might…or I might not.  Who knows?

Anyhow, this page is more of a place for me to rant about things that are pissing me off at the moment without dragging the Mrs through the muddle that is my mind.  I will bitch about religion, tv, people, social media, news, etc.

Other than that we are a family of 3, with 2 dogs, 3 snakes, 3 fish, and a turtle.


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