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So what has happened over the last 2 years?  Anything good?  Let’s start in 2015.  Africa went a full year without a single case of naturally occurring polio.  Europe received over a million immigrants.  Gun deaths and automobile accidents reached the same amount.  China got rid of that 1 child thing they had going on there.  Gay marriage became a right in the United States.

Let’s peek into 2016. Michael Phelps proved he had what it took to swim strong still.  The Cubs actually won the fucking World Series.  THAT is probably the most miraculous thing that will happen in 2016, right?  The WHO declared measles dead in the Americas.  There was that water thing in Flint, that as far as I know still isn’t resolved.  Zika virus running wild. Everyone famous died in 2016, including Prince.  Pulse nightclub turned into the OK Corral. The U.K. said they have had enough on the EU’s shit, and voted to leave the European Union. A game called Pokemon Go took over the lives of millions of people for about 3 months.  Samsung blew up (literally).  Castro died.  Am I forgetting anything?  I mean it seems like 2016 was way more active than 2015, right?  Oh wait…there was one more thing.


Donald Fucking Trump won the United States Presidency (Don’t quote me but I think his middle name may actually be Fucking).  I have never heard such uproar in all my life.  How could this have happened?  How could he have actually won?  What can we do to “fix it”? Well the answer is simple.  The DNC fucked Sanders, and this is what you got. I don’t think that Trump would have held a candle in the wind to Sanders in voter turnout.  Millennials loved Sanders.  Millennials now outnumber any other generation.  It could have, would have, should have been a lock.  Now the only thing left to do is throw a huge tantrum and blame the people who voted for Trump. Blame Trump himself.  Hell blame Russia.

Let’s stop for just a minute and talk about who is really to blame.  How about the DNC that funneled all funds directly to Clinton and hung Sanders out to dry.?

the DNC’s joint fundraising committee with the Clinton campaign was laundering money to the Clinton campaign instead of fundraising for down-ticket Democrats.
The Observer

How about Clinton calling half of America deplorable?  How about Clinton being under investigation by the FBI?  How about DNC staffers being murdered?  Long story short, Clinton alienated voters with words, actions, and body language.  Now back to the Trump segment.

Donald Trump has been unfairly targeted since the day he won the election.  Period. There I said it.  NOBODY gave Trump even a slight chance to prove he could do the job.  He called the media out on what he labeled “fake news” but then the stories keep coming.  The problem with this is, people believe them with no hesitation.  For example:

1: Washington Post claims an anonymous source told them Trump leaked classified information to Russia during a meeting.  

1a: Nobody from the Washington Post was there.
1b: New York Times claims an anonymous source said Israel did it.
1c: Israel wouldn’t know what information is classified.
1d: Israeli officials would not confirm that they were the source of the information.
1e: Trump cabinet members there vehemently denied these claims.

2: #ComeyMemo

2a: McCabe said under oath that the FBI was never asked to stop the investigation.
2b: Nobody has seen said memo…including the NYT.
2c:  NYT claims an anonymous source read them the memo over the phone.

3: Trumpcare

3a: Trump is not taking away your healthcare.
3b: Trump is not preventing people with preexisting conditions access to healthcare.
3c: Trump IS making the individual accountable for their own healthcare instead of the community.
Example: Under Obamacare preexisting conditions were basically not a thing. It didn’t matter.  However to compensate for it not mattering, Joe, David, Regina, and Sarah all had to pay 750/month for insurance now.  Joe was only paying 150, and David and Regina both paid 350.  Sarah has diabetes and was paying 1000.  Sarah was obviously happy because her rates went down.  Everyone else is now paying the difference for Sarah.  Under Trumpcare, Joe, David, and Regina can drop back down to what their previous premiums were, and Sarah will go back up to 1000.  It simply places the burden of preexisting conditions on the person with the condition.  Under the Obamacare, millions of Americans lost insurance because they could no longer afford the premiums and didn’t qualify for subsidies.  Under Trumpcare those same people can regain their insurance.  Taking things away from one group to ensure a different group has it, does not equal equality.

Why can’t anyone see how ridiculous this stuff is.  Everyone is claiming that Trump is the equivalent of a monkey throwing shit at the zoo, so it should be easy to actually produce some type of tangible evidence that ANY of this ever took place.  There is just a dickload of “anonymous sources” and hearsay.  On day 2 in office the liberal outlets were already producing polls that showed Trump was only favored by roughly 10% of the population (to be fair, these same polls showed Clinton winning in a landslide).  That he wasn’t doing his job.  On day fucking 2.

Even the democrats over in the Capital, his biggest opponents even, have had enough of the “fake news”.  There are no facts.  It’s fine if you don’t like him.  It is.  It’s fine if you think he is goofy looking, and are weirded out by tiny hands.  What’s not fine is that America is in shambles because you refused to support your President from day 1.  Instead of supporting the country and seeing what could happen, you jump on every left leaning news story that can’t produce a single shred of tangible evidence to support their claims.

This nonsense about #NotMyPresident…I have some bad news for you; yes he is.  You live in this country, he is your President, like him or not.  I can understand you being upset that your candidate didn’t win the election, but to be fair, your candidate was never in the running.