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It’s ok if you were.  It doesn’t bother me.  What DOES bother me is the strict entitlement that people feel when it comes to their religious holidays of choice.  If someone says “Merry Christmas” you say thanks.  If someone says “Happy Holidays” you say thanks.  If someone wishes you a “Joyful Solstice” you say thanks.  If someone wishes you…well you see where this is going, right?  If not, you can go sit in the corner and entertain yourself with coloring books while I finish my rant.

Your religion has ZERO impact on how I live my day to day life.  Period.  It should also be the same way for each and every one of you, but no.  Someone had to get all pissy and bent out of shape because they were wished a Happy Hanukkah by a Jewish customer and instead of saying “Thanks, Merry Christmas” they decided to file all sorts of protests and petitions to tell people to shut the fuck up.  If you aren’t like me, you aren’t allowed to talk to me!

It doesn’t matter what religion you are, and it doesn’t matter if you aren’t religious at all.  If someone says something polite you can respond politely; instead of like a toddler on a tirade because DragonTales was cancelled.  Fuck you and your sensitivities.  It is time to accept the fact that people are different.  HOLY SHIT!! There are different people living in my world?  I don’t believe it.

Due to all this “Political Correctness” school pageants have been cancelled.  Christmas music in public has been cancelled.  It actually reminds me a great deal of the South Park Episode.


You don’t have to be offended.  You also don’t have to participate.  But most of all you don’t have to bitch about every single thing in life that is different than you.  I am VERY non-religious…but I also understand that I was born in a country that was founded on christian beliefs.  I don’t accept the stories I’m told, but then again…I don’t expect everyone to think like me.  I enjoy Christmas.  I spend time with family, we eat, we exchange gifts, we sit & chat a bit.  We don’t go to church, watch the gospel. or get hung up on the religious sentiments.  We would be one of those “Happy Holidays” families to anyone keeping track.

To us, Merry Christmas is just fine, and we will thank you for passing the kind thoughts on to us.