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race relationsI have bit my tongue on this issue long enough.  I am tired of hearing about how someone is right, and someone is wrong.   This 1 person has pushed the already blurred lines of race relations in America into an almost complete haze.  A good 85 – 90% of white people side with Darren Wilson.  A good 85-90% of black people side with Michael Brown.

However when someone crosses the race line, they are immediately called out for being a “race traitor”.  This should NOT be a race issue.  If someone has formed their own opinion based on evidence provided, they are just as entitled to their opinion as you are.  When Pharrell spoke out about the situation, black youth and “activists” started calling for boycotts of his album sales.  Why?  Because he didn’t echo the popular opinion of the black race.  When white people support Michael Brown then are called “Libtards”.  The facts were presented, statements were made, the grand jury found no grounds to indict.  A few facts that are COMPLETELY ignored:

1: Michael Brown WAS on camera assaulting the store owner.

2: Michael Brown in no way, shape, or form had his “hands up”.  He was shot multiple times from the front, with ZERO shots entering the body from a “hands up” position.
Autopsy Report

3: The ONLY death in Ferguson protests following announcement was a possible Grand Jury Witness, with ZERO previous citations or arrests.  The friend who was with Michael Brown is still in protective custody after testifying that Brown was NOT surrendering.

4: There has been over 125 MURDERS in St Louis this year, almost ALL of which were black on black crime.   St Louis is averaging 12-15 homicides per month.  NONE of which has been addressed during the protests.  The entire WORLD is in an uproar over 1 teenager who was assaulting an officer and got himself killed, but could care less about all of the inner city crime that claims lives EVERY DAY.

5: The story broke, and Dorian Johnson told everyone that he saw Wilson shoot Brown in the back, then stand over top of him and execute him.  He soon recanted that story and changed it to Brown having his hands up and surrendering.  He recanted again while testifying in front of the grand jury, in exchange for protective custody, and admitted that Brown DID attack Wilson and try to take the gun, and he was charging Wilson when he was shot.

Since the shooting took place all you see on Facebook, or news stories covering it, or at work, or sitting in your front yard is “Fuck whitey” or “Fuck blacky”.  White people making jokes about unemployed folks protesting 24/7, black people calling white people racist for thinking Wilson was within his rights to defend himself.

One of the streamers I was watching actually said during the protest coverage “I won’t tolerate racism in my room.  You will be banned if you are a racist…and remember people of color can not be racist.”  Everything became black & white.

The “slogan” became “Hands up, Don’t shoot”.  The facts presented show he didn’t have his hands up.  The protesters didn’t care.  Worldwide people chanted hands up, don’t shoot.  Racists mocked them with “pants up, don’t loot”.  Black Panthers showed up to lead the charge, people made false claims the KKK was in Clayton…just to keep race baiting happening.  While the protests were claiming to be peaceful, people were looting, rioting, and setting buildings on fire.  Now PLEASE RAD THIS CLOSELY:

People at your protest robbed (1), assaulted(2), looted(3), set fires(4), destroyed property(5), etc.  It became violent.  Regardless if 85% of the people were peaceful, protective, and civilized(6) 15% MADE IT VIOLENT.

Following the grand jury announcement Michael Brown’s step-dad yelled several times to “Burn this bitch down” (link)…and they did.  Regardless of the hurt, the pain, the thought process, he should solely be held accountable for the ensuing chaos.  It is illegal to yell fire in a theater due to inciting panic or a riot…why is he not being charged?  12 business set on fire, several of which will be a total loss.   Looted goods, damaged goods due to smoke/fire, police cars destroyed, etc.  I would guess there will be a couple hundred million dollars worth of damage/clean up before it’s all said and done.

This whole thing started with an outcry about police brutality, yet it has never been about police brutality.  It has never been about the police targeting a specific race.  This became a reason for people from all over to come together and get free shit.  There would be a handful of actual protestors every night, but there was always more media, and agitators than protestors.  Here is the difference:

1: Protestor : Someone who peacefully demonstrates to obtain a goal.
2: Agitator : Someone who antagonizes the police or other people to cause aggression.

EVERY night we saw people blocking traffic, we saw people refusing to move from a location until the cops showed up then they would bolt.  We saw media get pepper sprayed repeatedly.  We saw tear gas deployed, and EVERY time the people blamed the cops.  You need to take a few minutes look at yourself and say “Why did this just happen?”

If someone from your group threw something at the cops, your choice is to turn them over, or face the consequences as a group.  If someone doesn’t want to join your protest you move along and find like-minded people not try to bully them into joining you.  If a business asks you not to protest on their property go elsewhere.  Being aggressive, and loud doesn’t help your cause…at all.  It makes your end goal harder to achieve.

If you made it this far without raging, congrats.  If not…I don’t care.  I’m not a racist by any stretch of the word, however I DO have common sense.  I don’t let a mob tell me how to act or what to think.  Just because someone has a different opinion than you, it doesn’t make them wrong, a hypocrite, a bigot, a racist, or even an asshole.

Do I think police brutality exists?  Absolutely.  Do I think sometimes people get targeted due to race?  Sure.  Do I think that’s what happened in Ferguson?  Not even for a second.  Shame on you CNN, Fox, NBC, CBS, etc for airing the picture from a couple of years ago of Brown wearing his headphones and looking child-like…or his cap & gown picture.  You are just as complicit as the antagonists in Ferguson for what happened to our country these last few months.

For you legitimate protestors, I support you.  I like what you do, and applaud you for standing up for what you believe in.  Unfortunately it was you who was massively overshadowed by the people only interested in free shit.