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Isn’t this just the worst goddamned thing to ever scorch our planet?  I mean what a crock of shit this is.  Why would she EVER think it is ok to pose nude for a Kim_cover_web_22magazine?  What was she thinking?  She is supposed to be a role model for our teens!

Wait…what?  Rewind.  Kim Kardashian. The same Kim Kardashian who is famous because she was the star of a porno with Brandy’s brother?  The same Kim Kardashian who has posed for playboy?  The same Kim Kardashian who posed for “tasteful nudes” in GQ?  People get a grip, she’s not a role model for your kids.  She never was, never intended to be, and never will be going forward.

Now to speak my mind about her nudes.  I don’t give a rats ass.  She is a grown ass woman and if that is what she wants to do with her life you can fuck off if you disagree.   She doesn’t need my permission, your permission, or anyone else to approve of what she does.  My issue lies in a separate part of the argument.  It lies in YOU letting main stream media raise your kids.  It’s you not being parent enough to be your kids role model.

sheep3There is NO reason for your kid to idolize this person.  She shot a porno, she posed for playboy, she starred in a shitty reality show, and now is married to arguably the biggest douchebag on the planet.

Turn off the TV’s from time to time people.  Stop letting Hollywood tell you what you should be buying into.  Stop letting Hollywood tell you what’s popular.  Stop letting Hollywood tell you how to vote.

I know..a lot of mixed signals here and some people are still wondering do I like Kim or do I hate Kim?  My answer is simply this:

I don’t know her.  I know a few details about her life through main stream media.  I know she is a grown ass woman, and perfectly capable of making her own life choices.  Do I like her?  No.  Do I dislike her?  No.  She is 100% not a part of my life.  She does not affect anything I do from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed (Except today.  Touché Kim)

Celebrities are no different than me or you on a humanity level.  Some are fat, some are skinny, some are gorgeous, some are not.  All are in the public spotlight EVERY minute of EVERY day for your voyeuristic pleasures.  You expect “higher ethics” from people who you should expect NOTHING from.  Just because some asshole has a camera shoved in someones face 20 hours a day doesn’t mean you know them or can relate to them.  Start worrying about what you need to do to make your world go ’round, and stop worrying about what others do to keep their boat afloat.