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So it has been confirmed that Pepsi has decided to test a new flavor of Mountain Dew called that has been dubbed “Dewitos”.  They did a test test at an unnamed college campus, with one Reddit user confirming the soda tastes like Doritos.  Pepsi is trying it’s hardest to embody the “gaming culture” by combing two staples in gamer food into 1 drink…but i have to ask.  Who the fuck would want to drink Doritos?  I like Doritos as much as the next guy but what the actual fuck?

Would anyone in their right mind want to drink a bag of Doritos?  Pepsi you are just going to alienate yourselves for pointing out the “eating situation” in the gamer community.  Thankfully this was a beta test, and will probably never see the light of day.  However if it does rear it’s ugly head in the future, just remember people…it’s all Pepsi’s fault.

Besides, long story short, we all know Dr Pepper is superior to Mountain Dew.