You may ask yourself that a whole lot in the coming days if you continue to read the ramblings I post.  Everywhere I look anymore it’s hate in the name of religion (for or against), hate based on race, hate based on gender, hate based on sexuality, and I’m over it.  I hate Facebook, and needed a new place to rant, so that is what you will get here.  My personal rant book.  This is more of a place for me to drop my thoughts about something without “unloading” on someone else with them.

I have been in the position before where I just wanted to tell someone to shut the fuck up while they were on a rant.  This way, if I offend anyone’s sensibilities or their mindset…all they have to do is stop reading, click the x and fuck off.  I don’t want or need 5 million followers.  I don’t want or need to get famous for my postings.  I don’t want or need anyone’s approval for what I post.  Call it a modern day dadry.  (Dad/Diary…get it?)

My thoughts may be generated from breaking news, rumored news, shit I read on Facebook, or laughing at people who post & believe the hoaxes that get passed around online.  If you are one of those people…sorry…you will be talked about and laughed at.  I promise to be nice and not call you out by name, but if you start seething, sweating, and cursing me under your breath while you are reading something I posted…well…suck it up cupcake because I’m just getting started.