It’s been 2 years…and now it’s time again.


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So what has happened over the last 2 years?  Anything good?  Let’s start in 2015.  Africa went a full year without a single case of naturally occurring polio.  Europe received over a million immigrants.  Gun deaths and automobile accidents reached the same amount.  China got rid of that 1 child thing they had going on there.  Gay marriage became a right in the United States.

Let’s peek into 2016. Michael Phelps proved he had what it took to swim strong still.  The Cubs actually won the fucking World Series.  THAT is probably the most miraculous thing that will happen in 2016, right?  The WHO declared measles dead in the Americas.  There was that water thing in Flint, that as far as I know still isn’t resolved.  Zika virus running wild. Everyone famous died in 2016, including Prince.  Pulse nightclub turned into the OK Corral. The U.K. said they have had enough on the EU’s shit, and voted to leave the European Union. A game called Pokemon Go took over the lives of millions of people for about 3 months.  Samsung blew up (literally).  Castro died.  Am I forgetting anything?  I mean it seems like 2016 was way more active than 2015, right?  Oh wait…there was one more thing.

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